Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ive Been really BUSY!

Well Ive been really busy. Im sorry I havent been able to put much on the blog. So I thought i would give an update to any who are reading this...
This Year I Bought my first house. I have been working on it every chance i get. Even at night. LOL. But Im definitly creating a small master piece. I'm transforming my 1950s house into a 1908 Bungalow. Im extremely influenced by Greene & Greene Architects. Who built a bunch of custom homes in Pasadena CA, during the early 20th century...The Greene brothers defined the Arts & Crafts Movement in California. Most notable house is the Gamble House. I recently got to visit the Gamble house in Pasadena as well as see most of the other G&G houses in the nieghborhood. There too much to see...So Im planning another trip soon to do it again. I also drove up to Sacramento to see the John T. Greene well as the Thorsen house in Berkeley. Its my goal to seek out these remaining homes and to see them in person. Most are all Privately owned.. so really I can only see the outside, from the streets. There are a ton books that show the insides..Im building my collection of them.

Anyways. Check out my Photo album of my house progress.

As well as my Gamble House Trip!

Thanks for your patience with me and my posts! I have some interesting stuff coming up sooner then later I promise!

Thanks for reading