Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Articles and News

JLC has 2 more of my articles that will come out soon. One on iphone apps that I use for my work. I just read the final draft and it turned out great. This article will come out in next months issue.
I have another tool review of the NEW Senco Fusion 15g nailer. This one is coming out in a few months. sept/oct

Gary Katz also asked me to write a few more and shoot some video for www.thisiscarpentry.com. I have a neat idea for a story on cutting crown molding on the flat. We use a technique that is not often used by many, and I have yet to find someone put out a video on using this technique. So I'll be working on that next week probably.

This Friday 7/23/10 will be really cool! Brandon Vaughn from www.sawgear.com is coming down to visit with me for the day. He will be bringing me a demo unit to test for a month. I will be writing a review and testing the sawgear system, to see if it will adapt to finish carpentry. I'm also working with Gary Katz on this peice as he has been demoing the saw gear and has found some interesting new things about mitersaws. Look for his review soon on TiC.

So some cool stuff to keep me busy while work is kinda up and down right now. Should be fun though. Stay tuned....

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