Friday, July 23, 2010

SawGear Demo

Well today Brandon Vaughn from SawGear came over to the shop to show me the SawGear system. I have to say that this could very well be Breakthrough technology for us Finish Guys. I have had some doubts as to the use with moldings...but Brandon was able to answer my questions and show me how to work through some of the potential problems. He also told me about some future tech that will be in the new version of SawGear. However I cannot disclose what it is. But I may be apart of the release and review of this new system! That is exciting, but for now I will be using this system for a month then compiling my thoughts and put a review up. I will be trying to get my story into FHB, JLC or TiC and if not it will end up here. For now I have to say that I believe that Gear will work. I just have to test it out every way I can. So stay tuned...

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