Friday, September 10, 2010

Formal Doric Order Reproduction

At last...This is the job I have been waiting for, a possible once in a life time project...
My buddy Robby Myer, who is opening a new Architectural Millwork super store has invited me to help him design and build his new show room. I just couldn't wait to get started on all the cool details, as well as the chance to work with Rob who is super passionate and knowledgeable about architecture as well as an experienced finish carpenter. I am anxious to learn a few tricks from an expert in design, and millwork as well as show off a few of my own. Rob also has a full shop with industrial wood working tools, and festool line, complete with dust collection to make this project that much more fun!

Over the last week, I have been working with him on the design for the main customer service counter to start, and after a couple days of kicking around many ideas and digging into my favorite book 'Get your house Right" as well as "Traditional American Rooms". We decided to recreate history  as a homage to the ancient Greeks and build a classical Doric Order surround, complete with Fluted columns, Full entablature featuring Tryglyphs and Gutte drops, and a full cornice with custom modillion blocks, and egg and dart supportive crown, and a full pediment. We are using the proper scaling of the Doric order to get all the proportions as close as we can, but at the same time using the available moldings and components that will be stock inventory at the new store. This adds some challenge to the project as well as integrating illuminated icons and logo signs in the "metopes".

Check back for more updates and pictures. I'll have a gallery up on my Picasa of the progress pictures soon and we maybe doing a collaborative article for but we have LOTS of work to do first...

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