Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doric Order Show Room Piece update...

We are working as much as we can on this piece  for the show room. So far everything is going together smoothly. We still have the entablature on the bench. But we have all the triglyphs and guttae drops done and installed.  Today we finished making the Custom Modillion Blocks. These are placed above the triglyphs and offer a complimentary support to the corona and terminating crown above.
There was LOTS of work involved in making these blocks. However we did NOT cheat on the details, and layed out every guttae drop.. yes all 36 of them per block!

Tomorrow ( 9-19-10 ) we will have them all installed with some of the moldings and will be working on the corona and terminating cyma.

you can follow our progress shots of this build here:
Doric Order Construction Gallery

Look for an update very soon with more pics and a video highlights of our project up to date. I should have something to post after this weekend. :)

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