Thursday, April 9, 2009

Classic Home Styles

If you own a historical Home...then Im sure you already know what a treasure it really is. I have to say that I'm in love with historical architecture. I would say that my favorite style by far is the craftsman bungalow. I really can't decide what variant of craftsman I like the best...There are so many out of the "Arts and Crafts" era. Of course the most notable Greene & Greene style homes like the Gamble house in Pasadena CA is really a woodworkers paradise.

When it comes to designing interior details of these homes...Its really important that one consider the style of the home. Of course within reason. You cant get "historically accurate" in every part, especially when it comes to Modern conveniences. But when it comes to doors, windows and the mill work...Its best to follow the plan of the house. What I mean is... you have a craftsman style home? Do craftsman details. Have a Victorian? Do the house a favor and keep the Victorian woodwork flair. Get the Idea?

I have seen way to many homes that try to be something they are not! like a very colonial home trying to be Mediterranean, because the owners love that look...Well what your doing is destroying a beautiful home. Also making it an eye sore for potential buyers in the future.
Also when restoring or improving a certain part of the home...Use quality materials. For instance DO NOT replace original hardwood floors with Pergo, or for that matter ANY of the floors from Home Depot (HD). Come on, now...Your house was built with Old growth lumber that doesn't even exist anymore, and your putting pergo floors in there??? LOL If you cant refinish the original floor, you can find some engineered products that will work (talk to a good flooring guy) or save up and put Real wood floors back. It really makes all the difference in the world to these homes. Especially in value down the road.

When you go into these homes that are "Style Accurate" they just feel right! Nothing sticks out, looking like its out of place. Also the warm inviting details have a sense of completeness or rightness about them. There is plenty of variants within the main style category. So picking out details can be really fun and enjoyable. I would think that most who buy historical homes buy them for the style.

Moldings often times (along with Paint colors) dictate a particular style. Or compliment the bones of the house. From the front facade down to the little details in the fireplace mantels, you can design details that bring fluidity and harmony to the entire home.
For some Ideas on how to do this check out my links to some cool sites that showcase classic details. Perhaps you can find something that will work in your home.


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