Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My First Post

Welcome to my new blog. I wanted to start one up that focused on my Interior Molding and Trim Details. I'm a finish carpenter with 14 years experience. I am very passionate about Architectural Details and the craftsmanship it takes to bring to life those details. This blog with be a place where I can share ideas, concept designs, and current or past projects that I have done.
I will post pictures, and Video (eventually) and link to cool sites or recommend a cool book to check out. Also look for posts that share cool techniques and tools that I use. Everything I share in this blog is strictly my own opinion or way of doing things. I'm also very open to learning new and better ways to achieve the best results. Also for the record I'm not sponsored by ANY tool company. So any excitement expressed by me about any said tools is purely from my own professional opinion. I am new to blogging so I hope this works out well. We will see I guess.

Thank you!

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