Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tool: Makita SP6000k

Recently, we got to use this new track saw from Makita. Journal of Light Construction magazine invited us to share in their review of all the major brands of track saws. Festool was the staple in the industry as far as these tools go. Now 2 other brands Makita and DeWalt have released their own version of track saws (also called Plunge cut saws).

Courtesy of JLC we got to use all 3 major brands in the field as part of their testing. You can read the JLC review of all three brands on their website
Also there is a video on their site that I got to help with showcasing the features found on the Makita.

I do have to say, we really enjoyed the Makita. We used it on our current job to rip 45* miter cuts on some hand fluted pilasters. The Fluting on the Pilasters takes allot of time to make so we cant afford a mess up when we miter and biscuit the sides together. Although we could of made these cuts on the table saw...It just was too sketchy. The cuts get wavy and require more than the usual amount of filling.

One of the best features that I enjoyed was the little tab that fits into a slot on the track. This tab holds the saw onto the track so that it does not fall off or tip over during beveled miter cuts. Here is a picture of that engaged.

The other feature that really was nice was the power this little saw has. Now you cant compare it to your skillsaw...These saws are made for Precision cuts, not rough framing. Mostly what you would use a saw like this for is for taking down sheet goods. Or like in our case a really long 45* rips.

Dust collection is just AMAZING! Hook a little vac with an auto switch and you can collect Nearly 100% of the dust! There is a little poof of dust when you break out of your cut..but its so little, you will hardly notice it!

These tracks saws are really just one of those tools that all finish carpenters should have. They really can get you more accurate cuts than your table saw. But they are NOT a replacement of the table saw. With one of these... 1 man can take down entire full sheets of ply or MDF very fast. The cuts are so clean you can slice your hands on them..especially the Bevel be careful. Definitely take a look at all the brands and decide what is best for you. I would love to own anyone of them..but my favorite is the Makita


  1. How would you compare the makita to the dewalt track saw

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